AlMoosh Arabic Restaurant

Imagine a bustling little cafe-style restaurant in any arabic country, with all the beautiful colours, smells, and flavours of food, and you’ve pictured AlMoosh Arabic Restaurant.

Inside, the simple yet elegant decor and the smell of the delicious food being cooked transports you right back to a typical evening out in Jordan, Lebanon, or even Dubai.

Better than your mama’s home cooking

So, what do we do, in a nutshell? We prepare delicious, home-cooked style Arabic food.

Being chefs ourselves,  we love to cook traditional Arabic and Lebanese dishes, and enjoy delighting customers with the wonderful taste of our cooking.

One of our regulars has nicknamed the owner/chef “mama”, owing to the number of times he’s come in saying “I’m hungry and don’t know what I want. What special dish have you cooked today? Surprise me with something from the kitchen!”


We’re forever cooking up new dishes that aren’t on the menu. If you fancy something special, ask us for the special of the day, and prepare your tastebuds to be blown away!

Some of our most popular dishes include Kharoof Mahshi (beautiful lamb with rice), Kabsa, Mansaf with lamb, Gedra, Shawarma wraps and platters, Ouzi with lamb, and even Arabic breakfast! We also love fish, so you’ll find our menu lined up with beauties such as Seabass, Grilled, Fried and other various other fish dishes.